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2007 host organistaion

The 2007 GEF was hosted and financially supported by the Open Estonia Foundation (OEF). OEF promotes the values of open society in Estonia. It does this by encouraging democratic governance, equal opportunities, and citizens’ participation. The foundation also builds alliances with its regional neighbours, including Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. Sharing experience of transition on educational reforms, e-democracy, citizens’ participation and preventing domestic violence has proven successful. OEF’s current programmes include East East Program: Partnership Across Borders, the Baltic-American Partnership Program, the European Program, Good Governance, and the Women’s Program.

OEF was established in 1990 to help Estonia make the transition from communism to democracy. OEF is a non-governmental not-for-profit institution, and its activities are supported by the investor and philanthropist, George Soros. In addition to support from Mr Soros, OEF receives funding from other sources, including the European Union, the Estonian Government, and foreign embassies in Tallinn.

For more information, please contact OEF at:
Open Estonia Foundation
Estonia pst. 5a
10143, Tallinn
Telephone (+372) 631 3791
Fax (+372) 631 3796
E-mail: info@oef.org.ee