Tbilisi 2010

A BIG thank you to the 119 participants who attended the 15th annual Grantmakers East Forum GEF 2010: Facing the Extremes held on 26-27 October in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The Steering Committee selected Tbilisi as this year’s site for many reasons. GEF is about change and transformation in geographies “East,” which for many funders increasingly means beyond the EU member countries. Georgia, aspiring for many centuries to be more closely integrated with Europe, with real prospect for European integration today, has experienced significant transformations in recent years.
These transformations have often involved extremes, both positive and negative. This dynamic is not unique to Georgia.
The issues and trends of transformations and extremes we will discuss over two days resonate throughout Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia. An open dialogue about such phenomena should help our community of funders examine our own programming as well as understand better the work of our peers, and ultimately, the people we seek to serve through funding commitments.

Please stayed tuned for updates on our website with videos, pictures and reports to come.

We hope to see you again in Riga next year!